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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2020] Bio Health Doctor is a promising next-generation company in the healthcare industry
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Bio Health Doctor is a promising next-generation company in the healthcare industry. By realizing the vision of contributing to the healthy life of mankind through the spread of K-Health culture around the world,'' employees are working together day and night to grow into a unicorn company. A representative product is the "BHD Incubator," which commercializes the scientific principles of far-infrared and near-infrared as a home treatment device. This provides a total healthcare solution in which far-infrared rays heat the air to remove impurities from the skin surface and increase basic metabolism, while near-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin to improve blood circulation through thermal action, thereby recovering from fatigue. It is a perfect product for modern people who don't feel refreshed no matter how much they sleep and who do not lose weight even if they do diet hard.

Bio Health Doctor has developed a body that is more than 50% lighter than other products with our own patented technology. In particular, the dome sauna, the flagship product, can be used at home without any effort when moving. In addition, it was selected as a hardware innovation industry supervised by the Creative Innovation Center and designed to perform more than the existing product while configuring the parts more minimally in collaboration with hardware experts, and reflecting the minimalism trend. The performance of far-infrared rays was further improved by attaching the world's rare mineral "Ilite". These are our unique technologies that are unmatched.

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