Requirements to acquire domestic bond freight licenses

· Bill of lading or AWB(Original 1 Copy 4)
· Commercial Invoice(Original 1 Copy 4)
· Packing List(Original 1 Copy 4)

Exhibitors and the domestic agent must attend to the following items for a smooth exhibits operation

Exhibitor agent in Korea (if any) or Exhibitor C/O Secretariat Office of Int’l Light Convergence EXPO 2021, BOOTH No.___, and ___ Hall

Notify party

Refers to the designated-"transportation and customs clearance"-service company


Maritime cargo : Pusan

Air cargo : " INCHEON , KOREA "
※ Please record "INCHEON, Korea", and not " Seoul , Korea ", for the "Final Destination" on AWB to avoid unnecessary delays and additional charges .

You must write the item list and price in English and in USD for the shipping documents
The price of the exhibits should be CIF Pusan/Incheon port or INCHEON Airport on the invoice.
Even if the products have no commercial value, they should still list a price.
You must record "These Goods are intended only for display in LED EXPO 2020 at KINTEX, GOYANG CITY, GYEONGGI, KOREA during Sep 05 ~ 06, 2021" on the B/L, Invoice and the exhibit packing list.
You must make invoices and packing lists separately for:
the returned goods, sold goods or consumable goods and giveaway items.
All shipping documents should be made in English.
All exhibitors must submit the shipping documents and schedules by fax once the exhibits are shipped.
Especially when the goods may arrive later than scheduled, exhibitors must inform their service companies inadvance by fax.