Bonded Area

The Organizer shall obtain a special bonded area for KINTEX during International Int'l Light Convergence EXPO 2021, and help foreign exhibits be imported without customs procedures.

Once brought into the bonded area, no products shall be moved to other places unless prior approval has been obtained from the Organizer or customs officials.

No sales activities shall be permitted in the bonded area.

Delivery of Exhibits from Overseas

It is recommended that the Exhibitors ship exhibits (including stand-building materials) to Korea through local partners/agents of Official Forwarders (refer to Official Contractors) appointed by the Organizer to secure smooth and efficient inland handling after exhibits arrive in Korea . However, in case an Exhibitor has his own preferred freight forwarder at the departure point, he may ship the exhibits to a Korean sea/air port at his own responsibility through the said forwarder. As mentioned above, please be advised that all original shipping documents are to be handed over to the Official Forwarder for further handling after exhibits arrive in Korea .

Sea freight exhibits shall be arrived in Korea by Sep 5-6, 2021 and air freight exhibits by Sep 3-4, 2021.

The Exhibitors shall arrange bonded transportation of the exhibits up to the exhibition site after arrival in the airport or seaport, and to the bonded warehouse after closure of the Show.

In order to facilitate inspection of exhibits at the time of delivery or removal, a responsible supervisor with thorough knowledge of the exhibits shall be present at the site of inspection.

After closure of the Int'l Light Convergence EXPO 2021, import or export of exhibits shall be subject to normal customs procedure.

Method of customs clearance of the exhibits
Bonded Clearance

Simplified clearing of the goods, without official Import clearance, on condition that those goods leave the country Once the exhibition is over. Should there be a buyer for those goods, an official customs clearance is needed.

During the exhibition, LED EXPO 2020 secretariat accounts for the clearance of those bonded exhibition goods. Therefore, the participating companies are required to report all the details of the bonded goods to the secretariat by Aug 31, 2020.

No-Draft Clearance

Designates goods that are less than US$5 each and the Total Invoice Value does not exceed US$300.

Re-Export Clearance (Mortgage required)

A promise with the customs office that the importers shall re-export the goods within a given period.

Note the following : Clearing of goods by re-exporting if they do not belong to the bonded industries. (Hotel, general event)
* When the exhibits are needed by the buyers or for demonstration purpose for a fixed period after the exhibition is over
* Then, the customs inspection is the arrival inspection (different from bonded clearance) and customs tax is exempt

* Types of Mortgage
- Cash Mortgage : Based on taxes (only for items valued under US$300)
- Bank Guarantee : When the bank guarantees the payment
- ax Payment Insurance : Issuance of the payment guarantees insurance
ATA CARNET : Certificate documents agreed upon amongst the government

· Clearance by re-exporting if the goods are not classified as the bonded area.
· In cases where the Importer requires an extra setting of its exhibits in its subsidiary before the opening of the show.

* The main tasks of customs clearance and freight service companies are as follows
- Payment for the cargo / bonded forwarding from the harbor (airport) to the Exhibition hall
- Un loading and placement of items in the booth / break down and storage of the empty boxes / installation processes / customs clearance
- Repackaging and loading onto transport vehicles for the move-out
- Import of specified products are entered in bonded warehouses and stored. Import related services are provided / national carriage(sea &air) for returned items