Classification Time Remark
Move-in Space Only Booth Sep. 5 ~ 6, 2021
08:00 ~ 20:00
Vehicles are not permitted from Sep. 6, 2021, 16:00
Shell Stand Booth Sep. 6, 2021
13:00 ~ 20:00
Move-out Sep. 9, 2021
17:00 ~ 24:00
Vehicles are permitted after removal of fiber textile floor covering.
Procedure for taking out exhibits
Precautions Exhibits cannot be taken out without the organizer's approval, so be sure to get the organizer's confirmation.

The report system for taking out exhibits is to prevent theft and loss of exhibits. Exhibitors must receive and fill out an application for export of exhibits on the website or at the Field organizer’s office, receive confirmation from the secretariat, and submit/confirm the items to the security guard at the exit, then You can take it out.
Guide to import/export of domestic goods

Domestic goods are defined as goods produced in Korea or foreign goods that have been cleared for importation.

If the exhibits are heavy items, they must be brought in by 12:00 on September 6th.
However, cargo vehicles that have been unloaded must leave the vehicle immediately. (up to 2 hours)

For companies that require a forklift for bringing in/out, please proceed with the work after consulting with the forklift rental company designated by the organizer.

Guide to moving in and out of exhibits
Guide to the movement of import/export

cargo vehicles Work vehicle (lorry) access (unloading dock)
For the transportation of exhibits and equipment, free entry is possible only for freight vehicles during the period of installation and demolition.
However, cargo vehicles that have finished unloading must leave immediately. (Maximum 2 hours free)

Application period : September 5th - 6th / 9th (3 days), 2021
Applicable vehicles : Trucks, vans or higher work and cargo vehicles (Vehicle number 80 or higher only)
Specifications/speed limit for cargo entrances in the exhibition hall : 5.6m in width, 6m in length, less than 10km/h

General vehicle entry and exit route information

Car parking registration for participating companies
The organizer will register the vehicle free of charge during the exhibition period according to the exhibition scale of the exhibitors (different number of booths applied).
Only registered vehicles can enter the exhibition hall free of charge during the exhibition period, and once registered, the vehicle number cannot be changed.
However, if you wish to purchase a parking ticket, please use it directly at the KINTEX Parking Management Office.

Division Provided details Remarks
1~2 booths 3 days free parking for 1 cars ※ All cargo vehicles can use the loading dock parking lot free of charge for 2 hours a day (September 5th ~ 6th / 9th)

※ Free parking period for exhibitors' vehicles (September 7th ~ 9th)
3~4 booths 3 days free parking for 2 cars
5~10 booths 3 days free parking for 3 cars
Purchasing a parking ticket KINTEX Parking Management Office TEL. 031-995-8265