Utility Service

Electricity Installation

- The basic electrical installation of the Space Only booth to be carried out by the Organizer includes wiring to the booths and installation of no-fuse-breakers inside the booths. All electricl works inside the booth shall be performed by the Exhibitor.
In case of Shell Stand, the Organizer installs wiring and lighting.

- Selection of Contractors
1) Exhibitors using Space Only booths shall select contractors from among those designated by KINTEX (Contact Secretariat)
to perform installation work and the selection shall be informed to the Organizer. If Exhibitors want to hire contractors other
than those designated by KINTEX, they shall obtain prior approval from KINTEX after discussing with the Organizer.
2) Upon selection of contractors, Exhibitors shall fill out the attached form #1 and submit it to the Organizer by May. 31, 2022.

- If an Exhibitor needs separate voltage or cycle to operate their exhibits, they may install transformersor current transformers
at their own expense.

-Power supply to booths
Exhibitors wishing to use power temporarily to assemble, adjust and test machines, or to install, dismantle or remove display systems shall submit an application to the Organizer.

-Exhibitors wishing to repair the booth electric systems during the exhibition period shall obtain prior approval from the Organizer.

Classification Unit Price
Electricity Supply Power supply Single-Phase 220V : For lighting Daytime US $ 50 / Kw
Three-Phase 220V : For power
Three-Phase 380V : For power & special lighting
24 Hours US $ 80 / Kw
Telephone Local Call Only Including long distance calls US $ 50 / Ea
Overseas call US $ 150 / Ea
Water supply Pressure 10㎏/㎤(max) US $ 150 / Ea
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)
Water drainage Sub piping size 75mm(ψ)(max)
Compressed Air Pressure 8kg/㎥(max)
Sub piping size 20mm(ψ)(max)
LAN T1 Line US $ 150 / Port
Bar-Code System HANDY Key-Fair System US $ 200 / Ea
Utility Service

Submit an electricity application with your application for show participation or download an application for auxiliary services and send it by fax or E-mail to LED EXPO 2021 Secretariat.

LED EXPO 2020 Secretariat
E-mail : led@exponu.com / Fax : +82-2-783-7292