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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name K1Solution.lnc
address A-1313, 60, Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do homepage www.k1solution.com
Phone number 83-2-838-2866 Fax number 82-2-6008-2867
Participation Year 2021 Booth number
exhibition Main exhibition items LED Module, Street Light, Security Light, Tunnel Light
About Us

It is K1 Solution, which has core values ​​of honesty, trust, consideration and dedication, with the vision of being one of the 100 best companies to work for in Korea, a global trading and distribution company, and a company that exists even after 100 years.


Founded in 1989 as Seogyo Trading, we distributes and produces semiconductor chemicals, measuring equipment, and LED parts, and are working hard considering trust with customers as the top priority.


Item description

We handle LED PKG, SMPS, Lens, luminaire, etc., which are essential items in the LED industry, with a wide distribution network across the country and abroad.


In addition, we are working hard to respond to customer needs more quickly by launching our own products (such as LED Modules for Road Construction), not just distribution.


In addition, we provide parylene coating services with excellent water repellency and insulation properties for LED modules, PCBs, and sensors.


S-Street Light S-Street Light(4p) P-Tunnel Light P-Security Light
P-Street Light L-Security Light L-Street Light 5050 Module
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