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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name WIZLED
address apt 522, 5th floor, 268, Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea homepage www.wizled.com
Phone number 02-2264-1027 Fax number 02-2264-1025
Participation Year 2021 Booth number D-080
exhibition LED&OLED Materials/Parts/Equipment Zone Main exhibition items Waterproof SMPS, LED Modules
About Us

WIZ LED, which specializes in landscape lighting, interior lighting, LED module, and SMPS, wants to be recognized as the best service company through new management techniques in the 21st century.

In particular, as a leader in the LED lighting industry through technology and distribution innovation, it actively responds to rapidly changing corporate environments with the goal of 100% satisfaction with consumer needs, and operates as a total system in accordance with the needs of customers with high quality, reasonable prices, and various models. 

We, WIZ LED, will go forward in a partnership with customers based on NEW in line with the trend of informatization and enlargement, and in accordance with this purpose,

we will go deep into the hearts of customers with a new look.

 We promise to always take full responsibility for our trust and sense of duty. Thank you.


Item description

Waterproof LED Converter
Using Samsung LED CHIP 0.72w, 1w brightness selectable 8 different colors High convenience R.G.B controller function

Waterproof LED module
20 items (30w~600w / 12V,24V) 5 protection circuits KC, EMI, IP certification

LED Converter LED Module
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