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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name MEMSLUX, Inc.
address A606, 193 Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34051, Republic of Korea homepage www.memslux.com
Phone number +82-42-867-0504 Fax number +82-0505-850-0504
Participation Year 2020 Booth number F-04
exhibition Hall 7 Main exhibition items Transparent Flexible Light Sheet
About Us

MEMSLUX is a technolgy-based start-up established to commercialize items studied and developed for over 15 years in the 3DMNSL laboratory of the KAIST School of Electronic Engineering. We are developing the world's first and world's best ultra-precision optical components such as transparent flexible light sheet (front light/back light) and micro lens array.
'MEMSLUX' is a combination of 'MEMS', the acronym for microelectromechanical systems, and 'LUX', the Latin for light, to create a wide rage of products that utilize light.
'MEMSLUX' has the company's vision of a company that challenges and develops without disruption and a small but stron technology company. We will develop our core technology into a company that will gain trust with our customers and help society.

Item description

A transparent flexible light sheet is a transparent light sheet that only emits light in one direction. Unlike the existing light guide plate technology, which requires the use of an opaque reflective sheet for unidirectional light out, it realizes both 'transparency' and 'unidirectional light'. It is a new concept surface light source that is thinner, lighter, transparent, and even flexible, and can be applied as front light/backlight product in the next generation lighting market and is expected to be applied to various applications in the next generation lighting market.

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