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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name B&B Corporation
address 617 Mannyeon-Ro, Jeongnam-Myeon, Hwaseong-Si homepage www.bnbopto.com
Phone number +82-31-353-7853 Fax number +82-31-353-9641
Participation Year 2020 Booth number E-04
exhibition Hall 7 Main exhibition items Optical Sensors and Various Kinds of Lighting Products
About Us

B&B Corporation has been supplying optical sensors and various kinds of lighting products in Korean market since 1991.

Products we handle include : Xenon Flash Lamps, Laser Lamps, Machine Vision Strobes, UV LED Curing Systems, LED Illuminators, Optical sensors such as IR-Detectors, Thermopile Sensors, Laser Diodes & Photodiodes, SPCMs, CPMs, IR Sources, Mass Flow Meters, Laser Gas Detectors, and X-Ray detectors. 

Item description

Optical parts : Photo Diode, APD, CCD, SPCM, SIPM, CPM, Laser Diode

Light Source : Xenon Flash Tube, LED Illuminator, Machine Vision Strobe,

Laser Lamp

Axetris : IR Source, Mass Flow Controller, Laser Gas Detector

Proxivition : UV Camera, Phosphor Screen 

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