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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name UNIQON Inc.
address 9, Norimadang-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea homepage Uniqon.com
Phone number +82-010-4252-4796 Fax number
Participation Year 2020 Booth number L-03
exhibition Hall 7 Main exhibition items wireless lighting control technology for lighting fixtures
About Us

Create smart lighting with Bluetooth mesh, an easy and fast wireless lighting control solution.



Uniqon provides wireless lighting control technology for lighting fixtures, allowing you to control your lighting more efficiently. We will build a smart lighting control solution with wireless lighting control products and cloud services and applications based on Bluetooth mesh.



With this IoT lighting platform, we provide the desired lighting control solution to your specifications. Please contact us at (uniqon@uniqon.com) to discuss how to use your lighting as a smart lighting. ​ 

Item discription

 Bluetooth mesh is the best choice for smart lighting.

Lights are everywhere in the building, and if they are equipped with sensors, you can monitor the building condition as well as the luminaire performance. General LED lighting dimming, color temperature control to save energy, and interlocking with motion sensor and illuminance sensor, as well as configuring the sensor to detect fire, temperature, brightness, movement, and other dangers for fire alarm or security alarm service. can.

Smart lighting can be expanded and completely interconnected by simply connecting to existing luminaires.

Many vendors are starting to standardize on Bluetooth mesh as an open and powerful wireless approach that can be controlled, monitored and managed from any building.

Through Uniqon's solution, you will have a smart controller, sensor, and Bluetooth mesh function. So you can control the brightness and color of the lights remotely and program them for special purposes.

Now our partner LED lighting manufacturer has successfully implemented Bluetooth mesh to start building interconnected lighting systems. 

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