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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name PLUXITY CO, Ltd.
address T01, 4 F, 18, Yangjae daero 2 gil, Seocho gu, Seoul, 06768, Republic of Korea homepage www.pluxity.com
Phone number +82-2-332-9002 Fax number +82-2-332-9005
Participation Year 2020 Booth number C-09
exhibition Hall 7 Main exhibition items
About Us

As a leading company of digital twin technology, Pluxity has original technologies that are the source of digital twin such as city/building 3D virtualization modelling technology, 3D ma p based integrated monitoring system, and various simulations. We provide solutions to domestic and overseas large sites such as Busan, Incheon International Airport, Samsung/LG/SK/Hanwha industrial complex.

We firstly construct 3D spatial information of the target buildings and cities, and supply 3D based integrated operation system for each site such as city, factory, power plant, airport, subway stations, railway station and distribution centers, etc. It provides intuition, efficiency and quick response through the simulation technology related to disaster, safety, environment and maintenance by combining spatial information and big data.

Pluxity has been awarded the grand prize at Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As a member of the Smart C ity Convergence Alliance, we are participating

in smart city projects in Korea. 

Item discription


PLUG is a digital twin based integrated operation platform that provides integrated monitoring and various simulation functions based on 3D virtual environments such as cities and complex buildings. We provide customized solutions according to the demands of control/service target such as c ity, factory, power plant, subway station,

airport and distribution center. We firstly construct 3D spatial information of the target buildings and cities and then

we combine the 3D model with various sensors such as CCTV, access control to manage and oper ate the space more intuitively.

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