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※ 在网站参观注册时可以收到如下
1. 免费参观
2. 进场时,不必填写参观登记表
3. 为了方便网上注册参观者,主办方设立了专门登陆台。
Department Position
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cell phone
84498  * To prevent automated input Please enter a five-digit number on the left side of.
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Classification by Company
Manufacturer   Trade   Distributor   Government/Public   Education  
Student   Laboratory/Research   Publication/Press   Construction/Interior   Finance/Investment   Business Service  

Purpose of Visit
To get Information   Purchasing   Survey Market & Trend   Acquire Supplier  
Potential to participate the Next Show   Ordinary Visit  

Field of Interest (Multiple answers)
LED & OLED 소부장   Display & Signage   LIGHTING   광융합신기술  
Photonics + LASER   LIGHT & LIFE  

How did you learn about this Exhibition? (Multiple answers)
E-mail   Official Correspondence   Brochure   Invitation Card   Internet  
Telemarketing   Newspaper   Vender/Supplier   Magazine   Related Organizations  
Ad. in Outdoor   Poster   Show Homepage   KINTEX Homepage   Other Exhibition  

Privacy Agreement
The contents above is necessary for sending guide e-mail, SMS, and identifying him/herself at on-site for receiving ID card. Collected personal information will be protected by 'Personal Information Protection Act'. To provide the information on LED EXPO 2020, collected E-mail address will have been stored for 18 months by Korean National Police Agency and other information will be defeased after LED EXPO 2020. You may not provide personal information, which might be subject to the restriction of conference registration. Incorrect information is not acceptable, either.
I agree with collection and use of personal information above.