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The exhibitor official catalogue, which include exhibitor and exhibit information will be published by LED EXPO 2020 secretariat. It will be printed in English, the official international business language, as well as in Korean. It will contain introductory forewords (if any), general information of the event, complete information regarding services available at the exhibition, lists of Exhibitors, their products and advertisements, map, etc
Free Publication of Official Directory
The Official Directory, provided by the LED EXPO 2020 Secretariat, contains all the information of participating companies and programs of accompanying events. It will be distributed to important buyers. Companies can take advantage of the
directory as a marketing tool throughout the show period and thereafter.

Each Exhibitor will be entitled to an entry in the exhibitors' official catalogue, free of charge. The contents of the exhibitors' official catalogue entry are as follows;

A) Exhibitor's name
B) Booth number.
C) Exhibitor's head office address, telephone and fax numbers
D) Name, address, telephone and fax No. of exhibitor's agent in Korea (if any)
E) Name, address, telephone and fax No. of manufacturers of the Exhibitor. (if other than the exhibitor)
F) Exhibits and descriptions
※ Number of catalogues: 10,000
Free distribution, 95 percent of visitors use the catalogue as a source of information.

All Exhibitors must fill out the application form and submit it to the LED EXPO 2020 Secretariat by no later than Aug 31, 2020.
The exhibitor should also send by mail a product brochure or photograph which show the exhibitor's product.
(E-Mail is also available : led@exponu.com). The LED EXPO 2020 Secretariat does not guarantee the inclusion
in the exhibitor official catalogue of any entries received after the deadline, only the name, address, telephone and fax
numbers appearing on the " LED EXPO 2020 booth reservation form" will be included if the form is not submitted by Aug
31, 2020.
Directory (catalogue) Advertisements
In order to make the directory as comprehensive as possible, exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the
advertisement pages. The Official Directory will be distributed to a specially targetted readership, many of whom will retain
it as a reference guide long after the event.

- Schedule
  Deadline for ads: Oct. 30, 2020
- Mechanical Details Page Size : 150(W) ×210(H) (mm)
  Film Requirements : 4 Colors separated
Page Charge Remark  
Inside Front Cover &First Page (Color) US$ 2,500 / page Color
Inside Back Cover (Color) US$ 2,000 / page
Inner Page (Color) US$ 1,000 / page
All payment should be made out to EXPOnU by bank transfer in US $, to the following account.
Payment Due : Oct. 30, 2020
Beneficiary : EXPOnU CO., LTD.
Bank : Woori Bank, Yeouido Branch, Seoul, Korea
Account No : 1081-400-293476 (SWIFT CODE : HVB KKRSE)
Add : (07333) #1161, 11, Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, S.KOREA
Tel : +82-2-783-7979
Fax : +82-2-783-7292
E-Mail : led@exponu.com
Web-site : www.ledexpo.com