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Subject Bio Health Doctor
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Bio Health Doctor is developing products that can be used easily and comfortably in real life for a healthy life. Quality is a company that satisfies the needs of customers with innovation and ceaseless efforts, and draws health and hope together with customers. From the customer's point of view, many people, including those in the world's medical blind spots, can be treated at home and be happy thanks to the research and new convergence technology that has been researching the most satisfactory UX from the customer's point of view. I look forward to life.


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BHD Incubator Gold

Carbon coating, germanium, illite, and far infrared rays are combined to show the best performance. Germanium has an antiviral effect, and illite and carbon coating act as a booster for far-infrared radiation. It is effective in regulating body temperature, increasing basic love, treating muscle pain, and recovering from fatigue, so if you use it before or after exercise, you can get a beautiful body.



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Dr. Shin's Carrying Carpet

It is a thermal mat product to which a magnetic substance is attached by applying heat to germanium. Germanium itself has antiviral and immunity-boosting effects, but when heat is applied, raw stone ultraviolet rays are released. When used together with a dome sauna product, the effect of far-infrared rays is further complemented, increasing the body's emissions. It is useful for controlling humidity in the house in summer and winter as it maintains proper moisture through the dry and humid function.


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Address : 1251, Garosu-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

Tel : +82-43-233-5000 / Fax : 043-234-3616

Homepage : http://bhdincubator.com/

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