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Basic Information
Company logo Company Name TEKON, Inc
address Bucheon Technopark)203-702,388,Songnae-daero,Bucheon-si,Gyeonggi-do,14502 Korea homepage www.tekon.co.kr
Phone number 82-032-325-6030 Fax number 82-032-325-6032
Participation Year 2020 Booth number C-03-14
exhibition 7Hall Main exhibition items
About Us

TEKON is a customer-oriented solution provider by offering measurement systems ensuring the highest level of precision, safety and durability, such as battery quality analyzer, power quality analyzer, EESS performance test system, transformer analyzer, EV/HEV test and motor pump tester used in applications of testing RMS (Risk Management System), FMS (Facility Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System).


Item discription

1. TEKON950 Battery Quality Analyzer

The Analyzer designed for measuring the internal resistance, open circuit voltage and terminal temperature of secondary batteries including lead storage cells, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium–ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The Analyzer is specialized to Equipped with Battery Deterioration Judgment and Battery Replacement Time Judgment function supported by the accumulated data from measurements saved inside of Analyzer

2. TEKON550, 560 Power Quality Analyzer

TEKON550. 560 is a easy to use, compact size Power Analyzer (Hereafter called “analyzer”. The Analyzer can analyze 1 Phase and Balanced Three-Phase Electric Quality. User can see instantwaveform and measurement data monitor for a certain period. The Analyzer can perform various measurement functions, display Waveform and continuous data logging simultaneously, while doing measurement without stopping.

3. TEKON600 Series Transformer Analyzer

TEKON600series is a system designed for distribution (service) transformer, which not only measures electrical conditions such as turns ratio, excitation current, power, harmonics and inrush current, but also tests transformer’s electrical characteristics. 

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