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◈ Company

 Hojeonable (HJA), a spin-off company of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), was founded in Jan. 2012 in order to commercialize the research result s and play a pivotal role in the electrode material field of electronic packaging industry.

 Despite domestic packaging companies are in front in the manufacturing technologies and producing high-quality packages, a high-value packaging materials have been still supplied by oversea material companies.

 This situation has consistently delayed the application and follow-up of new materials, and the mass-production of preceding packages and modules, resulting in weakening in industrial competitiveness. Hence, localization development of state-of-the-art packaging materials is in urgent need.

 HJA has been developing the mas s production of multi-functional electrode materials such as epoxy solder paste or epoxy copper paste, special-functional packaging material s such as epoxy flux paste of thermally conductive paste, and filler material s such as Cu of Ag-coated Cu powder for las t 3 years.

 These material s have more excellent processability, fuctionality, and price competitiveness than any other materials. HJA will never stop innovating in the research and development. With customers, moreover, HJA will endeavor to solve the difficulties that customers face.

 Resultingly, HJA will play a role as a leading global company in the field of electronic packaging materials.

◈ Product


 ESP is the Epoxy-base solder paste, It is soldering material for SMT processes on PCB, material for high power LED COB on metal PCBs or ceramic substrates. This material is available for pin dotting, dispensing and screen printing. 

1.     Five-free (solvent-free, void-free, cleaning-free, corrosion-free, electrical short-free)

2.     Customized formulation (viscosity, curing temp, curing time, Tg, etc)

3.     Excellent bonding strength and electric insulation property.


◈ Contact

▶ Address : 10-5, Expo-ro 339beon-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

▶ Tel : +82-42-824-9538  /  Fax : +82-42-824-9539

▶ Homepage : www.hojeonable.com