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Subject [LED & OLED EXPO 2017 Preview] Korea Semiconductor Illumination to Introduce Standard Modular LED Lighting Fixtures
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Korea Semiconductor Illumination Co. Ltd. (CEO: Kim Jong-Deok)will introduce LED street lighting fixtures, LED security lighting fixtures, etc at `International LASER EXPO 2017` which will be held at `KINTEX` from 27th to 29th of June.

(Photo Description : KOREA SEMICONDUCTOR ILLUMINATIO CO.,LTD.-Daegu Factory)

The LED street light fixtures and LED security lighting fixtures that are being introduced this time are equipped with two patented technologies, namely, a printed circuit board for LED lighting and an LED lighting module, which have improved heat rejection. Conventional heat rejection technology simply increased the size of the heat sink panel or used a material with high thermal conductivity. However, although equipped with a small heat sink panel, the new technology of Korea Semiconductor Illumination Co. Ltd. maximizes all heat rejection characteristics of conduction, radiation, and convection with the module`s own heat radiating path and 360° radiation blade, and allows the heat generated from the operation to be emitted in a more stable and rapid manner with the heat dissipation using heat sink device of printed circuit board and heat induction by heat dissipation induction tube.

(Photo Description : LED Street Light)

This technology also minimizes heat loss to increase the lifetime and efficiency of the LED luminaire, and offers an easy way to replace and maintain even if some of the LED modules fail because it is designed with the combination of unified modules.

(Photo Description : LED Security Light)

Established in 2007, Korean Semiconductor Illumination Co., Ltd. is specialized in LED lighting production, which produces luminaire for public institutions, such as eco-friendly LED street lighting fixtures, LED security lighting fixtures, LED tunnel lighting fixtures, and LED flood lighting fixtures, etc. as well as indoor lighting fixtures. Since the establishment, the company has been growing sales by 20~30% every year in LED procurement market and private market. In recent years, having a solid track record in various fields and strong market competitiveness, the company has won orders for LED tunnel lighting fixtures for the Korea Expressway Corporation for three consecutive years.

In the future, Korea Semiconductor Illumination Co., Ltd. plans to differentiate its products to provide quality competitiveness, and plans to expand overseas export markets by investing in expansion of production lines and expansion of factories.

Meanwhile, International LED & OLED EXPO 2017 is the biggest LED and OLED trade exhibition that 350 domestic companies attend.

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