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◈ Company
UNILUX has been focusing on the development of better lighting solutions since 2001. Our company’s goal is human friendly lighting systems that are effective in saving both energy and installation cost while they are convenient and easy for users. In order to achieve this goal, we had to invent a group of technologies controlling lighting functions including brightness and color temperature by individual lighting unit.
And we are a new technology development company with global patents such as the United States, EU, China and Japan, as well as safety and efficiency of buildings in many different environments, including schools, stadiums, apartments and factories.

◈ Product
Our CPLC can control individual lighting fixtures connected in parallel to a power line only by means of the power line. As seen, this technology is designed for the individual control of lighting fixtures connected to a power line that supplies power.
The following is about UNILUX’S lighting control systems based on CPLC.
This is about the system configuration.
▷ Lighting Control System

영문제품소개 유니룩스.jpg

CPLC System with specialized communication to control the luminaires individually has the following characteristics.
1. There’s no practical limit imposed upon communication distance.
2. Even light fixtures without CPLC receiver can be controlled by using the external receiver.
3. No device other than a power line from the distribution panel to the lighting fixture is required.
4. Both configuration and installation are simple and cost effective.
5. Easy to maintain after construcation
6. LCU could monitor power cosumption by measuring current for the luminaires attached.
7. Receiver size is very compact as its circuit is simple.

◈ Contact
▶Address: Suite 314, Megacenter, SKN Technopark 124, Sagimakgol-Ro, Jungwon-Ku, Seongnam-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
▶Tel: 031-776-2610/ Fax: 031-776-2612
▶Homepage: www.uniluxinc.com
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