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Subject Green Inova Lighting Technology (Shenzhen) Limited
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◈ Company

Green Inova Lighting Technology (Shenzhen) Limited is a National High-tech Enterprise,and has been a R&D and manufacturing leader in commercial and industrial LED lightings since 2009. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high-end LED lighting, including LED stadium lighting, LED high mast lighting, etc. Through the years, Green Inova has won a good reputation with high-quality products and great customer service.

GI has two factories located in Shenzhen, and over 200 employees. We use high-efficiency automatic and semiautomatic machines, such as SMT machines, reflow soldering machines, glue dispenser machines, filling machines, stencil printing machines, folding machines, cartooning sealing machines, strapping machines, etc. Monthly capacity for  LED fixtures is 150,000 PCS.

We have professional engineer team which composed of more than 20 innovative designers, many of which are with long years of R&D experience in LED industry. They are always staying at the forefront of LED technology, and working closely with the customers throughout the design process to meet varying demands, with innovation and fast response speed. We now hold 47 patents including China patents and US patents. We will continue to excel in the development of innovative and energy saving solutions for our customers.


◈ Product

Green Inova® new powerful LED stadium lighting, high mast flood light and LED high bay lights multiple used fixtures are Low-profile, lightweight, powerful and reliable! Designed with high protection level up to IP67, High impact resistance, high vibration resistance and Anti 17-level wind power.

High lumen efficiency of up to 128LM/W - more than 80%-85% energy savings compared to traditional fixtures.  Flicker free, and options of CRI>90, TLCI>90, meeting the lighting requirements of HD TV broadcasting for sports events.

Wide wattage options of 300W 400W 500W 600W 750W 950W 1200W replacing metal halide/high pressure sodium of 1000~2500W with a 100,000 hours lifespan.

The professional and unique pin heat sink design creates superb ventilative efficiency. Air is freely flowable among the pins in any direction, maximizing heat dissipation and lifespan of the LEDs. 

Various distribution option for various applications, 20°*20° 30°*30° 40°*40° 60°*60° 90°*90°; 60°*120° 90°*90° 120°*120°(Type V) , Type III option. Widely used in below application:

1), Sports lighting applications: outdoor and indoor sports arenas and stadiums, indoor sports halls, etc.

2) , High mast flood lighting applications: expressways merge or intersect, airport, shipping terminals, heavy-industry zones,Plazas, prison yards, etc.

3), High bay application: warehouses, manufacturing plants, supermarkets, malls, retail stores, exhibition centers, arenas, etc.

Intelligent Zigbee controller, supports wireless on/off, dimming, color turning, grouping, status monitoring, remote control, all simply and easily via smartphone. 

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◈ Contact

▶ Address: FL9-11, BLDG2 NO.2, Chongqing Road NO.2, Fuyong Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China 518103

▶ Tel : + 8623116778      Fax : + 86-755 8224 7517

▶ Homepage : www.greeninova.com

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