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Subject PDI CO., LTD,
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PDI CO., LTD, which creates cutting-edge technology, commercialized self-developed products for LED lighting to replace conventional lighting with energy-saving LED lightings.
Organize and support products that can be applied across the industry to grow as a specialist in LED Total Solution and We are focusing on R & D investment.
PDI LED lighting products, which utilize LED light sources for national infrastructure facilities, industrial facilities and commercial buildings, are doing their utmost to ensure durability and reliability.

In order to supply the highest quality products, our company has thoroughly carried out the quality system under the KS quality policy from the CEO to the technician in the production and field, and we are doing our best to make environmentally friendly LED lighting products.


LED lighting products of PDI Co., Ltd. have developed high quality down lights and track lights of various sizes and types, and are used for interior decoration and interior of department stores, outlets, and big marts. We develop and manufacture high efficiency reflector type and high quality lenses type lightings to satisfy customer needs.

-LED Down Light

-LED Track Light ,Track Rail and accessories

-LED Linear Bar Lamp

PDI 부스 족자봉 배너(포스터) 디자인 시안 5종_low 180621.pdf_page_1.jpg

PDI 부스 족자봉 배너(포스터) 디자인 시안 5종_low 180621.pdf_page_2.jpg

PDI 부스 족자봉 배너(포스터) 디자인 시안 5종_low 180621.pdf_page_3.jpg

PDI 부스 족자봉 배너(포스터) 디자인 시안 5종_low 180621.pdf_page_5.jpg


Address : 27-20, Ojung-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyounggi-do, South Korea

Tel :+82-32-715-4848 /  Fax : +82-70-8282-1515

Homepage : www.pdiinc.co.kr

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